Functional testing

Pruebas Funcionales


Functional testing checks a system against the functional specifications. This way, poorly implemented requirements or defects generated during the programing phase are detected early. This type of testing is always done from the final user's perspective.

Our functional testing teams design a test plan taking into account the customer's development methodology. We have experience in multiplatform testing: from mobile to desktop, including hardware tests, APIs and other systems.

Our project management includes:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Test plan design
  • Test execution
  • Defect tracking and incident management

Our test plans usually include the following test types:


These are the tests that are usually automated the first. They check that the system keeps behaving the same way despite changes being applied in other areas of the system.


After identifying the application's processes and modules, we use it as a user would do, but tweaking the procedures, trying to find and do things that nobody expects, like stopping the communication at critical processes, using networks with high failure rate or commiting mistakes on purpose. These tests contribute to create bullet-proof applications.


The huge variety of operating systems, devices and browsers currently in the market require a special attention. We prioritize the most used combinations in order to focus the testing there, while keeping an eye in other configurations as well.


After carefully validating different parts of the system in an isolated way, we check the integration between them. In these tests we pay special attentiopn to the protocol, dialog and error handling in the APIs, automating also as much as possible.


We design a series of tests for the end user to certify that the application meets their expectations and in that case, accept the development made. These tests contribute also to the final documentation.